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Remedial Massage

Remedial and Relaxation massages available.
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Welcome to Perfect Form by Ann

Perfect Form Pilates in it's 14th year will make it happen for you.
Pilates classes will tone your muscles and improve your posture.
The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises. It is a low impact approach that is suitable for all ages and abilities.
Pilates is a particulary good exercise for many people with back pain as it is designed to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles which provide support to the back.

Term 1 - 2016

Monday, February 1 - Saturday, April 9

Deadline for the earlybird special is January 18

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Term 2 - 2016

Tuesday April 26 - Saturday, July 2

Deadline for Early Bird Payment is April 9

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barre attack

Coming Soon

Is a total body workout, with a particular focus on working the arms, glutes & thighs. Barre Attack combines the best of ballet, Pilates & Fitness to target the muscles that help improve posture & increase strength, balance & flexibility, Using a ballet barre, Flex Balls & Resistance Bands interspersed with bouts of cardio to help burn calories.


No Classes on Friday 25th, Sat 26th & Mon 28th March

Casual Classes
Monday April 18th & Wednesday April 20th
9:30am & 6pm